Social Media


This module is a brief introduction to Social Media, the tools, strategies, trends, benefits and pitfalls of using it for a range of scenarios.

The Assessment Tasks

There are two assessment tasks in this module used to gather evidence for the unit.

You are encouraged to read the unit description to get an idea of what's being assessed. Specifically read the "Performance and Knowledge Evidence" (near the bottom of the assessment requirements document).

ICTWEB201 Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement

Learning Task 1 : What is Social Media | Research Assignment

Answer these short questions to help you develop some underpinning knowledge. Show sources (URLs or texts).

  1. In your own words write a brief overview of Social Media. What it is, who first coined the phrase "Social Media" and what role does it play in today's society?
  2. Social Media is not just about Facebook and Twitter, there is a vast range of Social Media tools out there. Make a list of ten less-common tools and write a brief description of each.
  3. Find and describe an example where social media was pivotal to the success of a viral marketing campaign.
  4. Find and describe where a Social-Media driven viral marketing campaign went wrong.
  5. How do you use Social Media? How has it affected you? List both positives and any negatives.
  6. What's a hashtag? Describe how you make and use one.
  7. What's an RSS feed? Describe how you use an RSS feed. List three RSS feeds related to Web Design that you would find useful. Provide a short description of why you've chosen these feeds.

Submission Guide

  • Submit your responses in MS Word format, include any useful artwork, references, links etc.
  • 2-3 pages A4 @ 11pt.
  • Submit via email for feedback.


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Assessment Task 1 : Set up a Facebook Page

Facebook is the most popular way online to promote, market, entertain, educate and alert.

This assessment requires you to demonstrate how you make your own Facebook Page. Your page can be on anything you like.

The only restriction is it needs to comply with TasTAFE's / Tas. Education Dept. Internet Usage Policy (.pdf, 260KB); no commerce, no piracy, no copyright infringement etc.

Make your page, add your own custom Facebook Banner.

Upload or embed (link) any relevant assets to your page. These must include images, video, text and .pdf.

Demonstrate using Screen Recorder software (recommend OBS) how you upload assets, create links, edit and remove posts and embed a feed into your Facebook page. Dialogue / Audio optional. Ensure your demonstration has clarity and covers the above activities.

Note: Try to limit duration to below 5 mins. for each recording. Any bigger and the file size becomes unmanageable.

Submission Guide

  • Submit your Facebook URL to your teacher via email.
  • Submit your screen recordings using your preferred cloud storage.

Supporting Resources:
For help on this task, see our Social Media Forum on our LMS. For help on using OBS, see the demonstration video on our shared Google Drive.


Chris Adams 2017


Assessment Task 2: Wordpress Blog | Scenario | Review Social Media Apps.

Step 1. Wordpress Blog Demonstration
Set up a Wordpress blog. If you've already deployed one as your visual diary for this course, use that. If you haven't created one before, now's your chance.

  • Using OBS, demonstrate how you add a post, how you add an image to the post and how you delete a post.
  • Using OBS demonstrate how you add a "widget" and use the widget.

Step 2. Scenario
You've started your own Digital Agency in a rural coastal centre in Australia, population 10 000. You produce print, web and broadcast assets for a small but stable clientelle. You're looking at expanding by employing another designer part-time to help with this aim.

You don't have much time to promote your business but you know you need to if you want to grow.You also know that Social Media is one of the best ways to do this.

Evaluate & Compare
Answer these questions:

  • Evaluate and compare Social Media Tools / Applications you think would be best for building your brand and explain why you chose the tools you did.
  • Posting Strategy; specify how often and when you should post to your social media.
  • Describe the "tone" or "personality" for your Social Media presence.
  • What should you be posting? What sort of items, commentary, assets should you publish using these tools?

Hint: find an exisiting Digital Agency and see how they use Social Media Tools to build their brand.

Submission Guide
Step 1: Submit your screen recordings using your preferred cloud storage.

Step 2: Answer the scenario in a post in your Wordpress blog. The expectation is you can answer this scenario using at least 300 words supported by artwork. Cite sources, include links.

Submit your blog's URL for assessment.


Supporting Resources:

If you need clarification on any part of this assessment ask in our Social Media Discussion Forum.


Chris Adams 2017